lexihe/she21artist, animator, weird crow

my art is free to use as icons/banners/edits with credit unless said otherwise, please ask permission if you're using my work in any other means



he/she ♦ queer
21 ♦ 05-05-2003 ♦ taurus
filipino american ♦ california ♦ PST
digital artist ♦ animator ♦ video editor
emo nerd ♦ media enjoyer ♦ old man connoisseur
intj ♦ true neutral ♦ tired workaholic ♦ cursed
an enigma of a crow 🐦

stuff i use

clip studio paint, procreate (drawing)
after effects, hitfilm express (video editing)
► krita, toonboom harmony (animation)
► asesprite (pixel art)
► OBS (recording and streams)

► cintiq pro 13 (main tablet)
► ipad pro 2nd gen 12.9" + apple pencil (secondary tablet)