lexi | she/her | 17

artist, animator, and old men stan

feel free to use my art as icons with credit unless said otherwise

ask permission if using my work for an edit of some sort, both image and video, and don't repost to a site where i already posted it

never claim my art as your own, please!

all images/gifs on the carrd have funny (and safe) videos linked to them :]


its me, i have funny video

lexi (i'm fine with any nickname)
17 | taurus | 5/5/03
she/her | lesbian
filipino american (california)
digital artist, animator, and video editor
roleplayer on discord
trying my best while feeling stressed
emo nerd
true neutral


this is my Please watch critical role propaganda

my main interests are
critical role (C2) and the simpsons!

other interests

metalocalypse, venture bros, ballmastrz, dorohedoro, jjba, marvel, good omens, hobbit/lotr, punch-out!!, scp foundation, clone high, pathologic, smile for me, danganronpa, dceu, junji ito, betty boop, nintendo, undertale/deltarune

dungeons and dragons, plague doctors, horror, monsters, body horror, supernatural stuff, various mythology, scene + emo + goth + punk + the like culture, romcoms, cartoons, comics, himbos, buff girls, birds, snakes, plushies

maybe more, imagine.


i like anything that sounds good to me, but generally i like metal, rock, and electro the most

dethklok, rammstein, emigrate, lindemann, system of a down, rob zombie, 3TEETH, korn, ICP, limp bizkit, OOMPH!

queen, awolnation, my chemical romance, creature feature, will wood and the tapeworms, ghost

kraftwerk, vocaloid, GHOST, MASA works DESIGN, Utsu-P, jack stauber, lemon demon, ninja sex party, glass animals, tally hall, caravan palace, joywave, SAINT PEPSI, BLANK BANSHEE, vaporwave and future funk, electro swing and swing music... maybe more as well.

things i'm currently going through

critical role (campaign 2) [ep 32, spoiled to a degree], venture bros [S5EP6], passively watching simpsons every now and then

things i plan on getting into

critical role (campaign 1), pathologic, dorohedoro (refresher), the wicked + the divine, space dandy, jojolion

maybe?: ace attorney, yttd, fire force, beastars


mostly old men (some with two feet in the grave)
along with women i would like to kiss

show me content of them and i will go bananas with love

stuff i use

paint tool sai 2, clip studio paint, procreate (drawing)
► asesprite (pixel art)
► toonboom harmony (animation)
► aviutl (video editing)
► OBS (recording and streams)

► gaomon pd1560 (main tablet)
► ipad pro 2nd gen 12.9" + apple pencil (secondary tablet)


bimbofication stationthe hive (mordhaus but better)others!
mars, remy, auz, melo, cal alice, colin, haven, jalei, ken, mace, pelle, rowan, sonder, spide, suke, tai, vi, rei, kay, dani, jokull, wooz, trineveryone in fat palatial hollywood and aster suite and rp + dnd groups!! help theres so many to list WAAAA

let me know if you want to be added!